ResEval redesign

In the nearest future we’ll offer to public the redesigned version of ResEval tool. We came to a couple of drastic changes and are happy to announce them for discussion in this post.

The mock-up of the new Reseval’s interface is here: main page, about page.

Here are the comments:

  1. ResEval won’t look like the search engine now. It will become the extensive and customizable researcher’s profile.
  2. There are generally two types of information in this researcher’s profile: first are indexes and publications (which you see on the mock-up right now), and second – the success dynamics for the period of time in charts. Charts will be shown in a different inset like in this MockingBird mock-up.
  3. Indexes computation customization will work in place. This is much more efficient to the user to “play” with the options being inside of the default profile, rather than go to the separate page for each specific query. This especially applies for the novice users, because the current logic is not obvious.When we customize the indexes behind them we’ll see the deviation from the default value (just like in Google Finance with red and green arrows :)).
  4. Researcher’s profile will become customizable! You as it’s owner will be able to log into Reseval and edit the list of publications inside of it possibly adding those not listed and subtracting those that are not your’s.
  5. When you update the researcher’s profile from some source (for example, Google Scholar), it usually takes pretty much time. As it’s not possible to make it quicker, we’ll show the updating status and will update the page when it’s ready. You’ll just come back to it and see the result without the need to manually update it like now.
  6. Link will lead to the tool itself. “About”, “FAQ” etc. pages will work as sub pages.

We’ll be happy to get your comments on the redesign even at this early iteration. Be ready for more changes and join the discussion 🙂