Gelee: The Prototype of LiquidPub’s Lifecycle Management Tool is available now!

Nearly everything, from real-world objects (a car, a house) to creative work (web pages, documents, scientific papers, code, etc.) goes through a lifecycle from their creation to their end, whatever this end is. Gelee is the LiquidPub’s online platform for modeling, managing en executing these kind of lifecycles, for artifacts of any kind, available in the web.
Lifecycles allow us to model the state of any object, and if we focus on online resources (e.g., a Google Doc) then we can also automate some lifecycle actions. If we apply Gelee to composite artifacts, such as a set of web services, lifecycles provide for the human-driven orchestration of services. Gelee enables universal resource lifecycle management. We use the terms universal and resource as we want the system to manage whatever can be identified by a URI, regardless of its nature, managing application, owner, or location.
Gelee is an open source tool and its development is ongoing. You can test our prototype and find more information at our website. Currently, we are starting to migrate the project to launchpad,  and if you want to collaborate, visit our developers page to learn how. We will be happy to have you on board! Please contact Cristhian Parra (surname at disi dot unitn dot it) if you have any questions.